Strategies for Post-COVID Recovery

Respond, Recover & Soar

A world constantly changing

Crisis plays out over three phases

Respond, in which an Organisation deals with the present situation and manages continuity; 

Recover, during which the Organisation learns and emerges more powerful; and 

Soar, where the company prepares for and shapes the future.

The recovery process adopted by each organisation serves as a overpass between the response — how the Organisation dealt with the immediate demands of the crisis — and what the Organisations future looks like.

These short-term actions and long-term visions present organisations with an opportunity to rapidly assess and evaluate their initial strategies and response priorities and to reposition themselves to soar into in the future. 

Organisations may be tempted to continue in their comfort zone and believe recovery will return to the recent past. Organisations that return to their old ways of working will find their competitors have strategized their turnaround of the recovery to re-imagine their organisation, positioning themselves to soar into the new future.

By anticipating and orchestrating our philosophies organisations can prepare, lead and support their stakeholders through the recovery phase while positioning themselves for the next phase: soaring into the future.

African Venture Group helps your Organisation Soar with out dedicated Turnaround Specialists by following four phases:

Phase 1: Cash Management & Rapid Diagnostic

Phase 2 Performing Clear Data Analysis

Phase 3 Plan & Prioritise Opportunities

Phase 4 Turnaround & Restructure

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