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What is Services for Equity?

African Venture Group is on-balance sheet private equity facilitator focused on assisting micro, small and medium businesses achieving their full potential, through managed partnerships without the usual exit time frame pressures of fund investors.

We focus on both short and long-term strategies. From the outset our impetus is directed at driving performance improvements with a view to ensuring profits and increased returns over a shorter period. We simultaneously put considerable focus on implementing strategic business processes that are structured towards long-term sustainability, with the understanding that sustainability drives future income and directly impacts the value of the business.

African Venture Group gives your Business expertise, experience, skills and insight of Chartered Accountants, Business and Consulting professionals helping your business grow in return for a percentage of equity and profit share.

Our initial Steps in partnering with you:

Step 1 Sharing a mutual vision

Step 2 Determining the fair market value of your entity

Step 3 Quantify the work that we are offering

Step 4 Allocating the equity

Step 5 The Agreement

Step 6 Growing your Business together

What are AVG's Capital’s targeted businesses?

  • Invest in startups based in South Africa

Post Revenue

  • At least 6 months in operation and/or

  • Possess signed contracts, invoices or purchase orders and can provide the supporting documents.

Minority Equity Stake

  • You must be prepared to offer a minority equity stake in your business.

What WE offer in return for equity

Our offering is dependent upon your entities needs, fair market value and stage of life. African Venture Group provides some of the below services in return for a percentage of equity and profit share:

Financial Management Advisory and Consulting

Investment and Asset Advisory and Consulting

Valuation and Due Diligence of prospective acquisitions

Financial Reporting Advisory and Consulting

Tax Planning and Compliance

Company Structure Advisory and Consulting

Financial Training

Business Process Outsourcing

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